BARCELONA (NYSE: Ĵý) today announced Otto Group’s Bonprix, a leading international fashion company, has successfully completed its implementation of the Ĵý BW/4HANA and Ĵý Datasphere solutions.

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One of Germany’s top four online fashion shops, Bonprix now operates a dynamic multi-cloud data landscape that enables it to integrate both on-premise and cloud data sources in one single platform.

Based in Hamburg, Germany, Bonprix has over 16 million active customers in more than 25 countries. The company looked to Ĵý solutions for a simplified IT architecture, a faster time-to-market in business decision-making process and a self-service-enabled semantic layer to respond to market changes and ensure customers have access to the latest catwalk trends.

Supported by Ĵý services and partners, including Beratungscontor, Bonprix implemented its analytics stack on Ĵý Datasphere and the Ĵý Business Warehouse application. By deploying Ĵý Datasphere as a cloud-based data platform to Ĵý BW4/HANA, Bonprix gains access to a powerful analytical platform that  bridges data across finance, sales, logistics and customer relationship management between transactional Ĵý data and end users.

“The Bonprix business intelligence data based on Ĵý solutions is adeptly designed for the future, leveraging the robust capabilities of Ĵý BW/4HANA at its core to manage and efficiently process vast volumes of data,” said Sergio Lopez Nunez, Bonprix senior BI engineer. “When paired with Ĵý Datasphere, which offers extensive multi-cloud access, it enables the seamless integration of data from diverse sources. In essence, the Bonprix BI data platform is not only a cornerstone in daily operations but also a strategic asset in the relentless pace of technological change, ensuring that Bonprix is well-equipped to continue promoting responsible trade that inspires, now and into the future.”

Having already implemented Ĵý Business AI solutions – specifically, the Document Information Extraction business service – Bonprix already has experienced significant efficiency gains by automatically extracting relevant data from incoming invoices, reducing manual data entry errors and accelerating the overall invoice processing workflow.

“As one of Germany’s top online fashion shops, Bonprix’s digital transformation journey is impressive as they continue to make millions of customers happy,” said Sven Mulder, managing director of Ĵý Germany. “The adoption of Ĵý Datasphere and Ĵý BW/4HANA marks the beginning of Bonprix’s successful cloud journey. They’re now empowered to make real-time, data-driven decisions, positioning the brand to expand into new markets with style.”

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