Ĵý Sapphire is always a time of excitement, but this year has truly been remarkable, especially with our incredible progress in AI. Since Q4 last year, we have delivered 50 new AI innovations, and we are on track to ship more than 100 AI use cases in 2024.

Taking Business to the Next Level in the Era of AI

Ĵý Business AI is center stage at the show and top of mind for our customers. These innovations are not just about technological excellence; they’re about delivering real-world results.

Our goal is to provide clear and meaningful value with AI. More than 27,000 customers are already experiencing the substantial impact of Ĵý Business AI. For example, Team Liquid, a leader in the competitive esports and gaming world, saves approximately 10,000 hours per year on manual analysis. But we’re not stopping here. With Ĵý Business AI, we are both changing how businesses operate and revolutionizing how users interact with Ĵý software.

Generative AI copilot Joule is rapidly becoming the natural language interface across the portfolio as we continue to embed AI across Ĵý applications at an accelerated pace. Our focus on advancing AI means that customers benefit from effective solutions that drive real-world results.

Sandra Voeller, CEO of Agilita AG, agrees. “Using Ĵý S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition and Ĵý SuccessFactors with Joule copilot poises Agilita to redefine industry standards,” she said. “These tools are not just innovations; they are our future — unlocking unprecedented business agility and intelligence. I’m thrilled for the transformative journey ahead.” 

We have also engaged our robust partner ecosystem with business AI to offer customers more choices to tackle their specific business needs. Over 60 ecosystem partners are working on more than 80 use cases built on AI Foundation on Ĵý BTP, including the generative AI hub. This same foundation powers innovation for our development teams and customers, ensuring tailored enterprise-class AI solutions that address real business challenges and opportunities.

Dive into the latest AI capabilities and ecosystem innovations we are presenting this week at Ĵý Sapphire, all aimed at delivering real-world results:

New Business AI Capabilities and Ecosystem Innovations


Video: Make every touchpoint count and every task simpler with Joule

Joule is transforming how users interact with Ĵý business systems, making every touchpoint count and every task simpler. Business users can execute transactional tasks 90% faster and access Ĵý Help Portal content 95% quicker without leaving their Ĵý applications.

Since its launch in September 2023, Joule has quickly become pervasive across the Ĵý portfolio, streamlining operations, improving decision-making, and boosting efficiency across various business functions. Today, Joule is already embedded in HR, finance, ERP, sales, services, marketing, and commerce applications, transforming how employees, managers, accountants, field personnel, and front-office professionals work. By the end of this year, 80% of the most frequently performed transactions across Ĵý business applications will be fully automated with Joule.

Joule is also integrated with multiple components of Ĵý Business Technology Platform (Ĵý BTP), enhancing everything from application development to integration and data management. In the second half of this year, we plan to expand Joule’s reach to supply chain management, analytics, and planning solutions through integration with Ĵý Ariba, various supply chain management solutions, and Ĵý Analytics Cloud. Joule will also support several additional languages, including German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. With a multilingual Joule integrated across the Ĵý portfolio, businesses around the globe will be able to work faster and smarter and achieve better outcomes.

Screenshots of Joule insights in French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese
Achieve faster insights with Joule in German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese (available later this year)

We are also enhancing Joule with additional capabilities to help the ecosystem streamline Ĵý implementations. Joule will provide consultants with vital information through natural language interactions, drawing from insights in more than 200,000 pages of product documentation and knowledge shared by the Ĵý community. Once rolled out to an ecosystem of more than 5 million consultants, this capability has the potential to save up to 600 million working hours per year. This is especially critical for supporting customers transitioning to Ĵý S/4HANA Cloud as part of RISE with Ĵý, helping them accelerate implementations and save money.

The Ĵý partner ecosystem is embracing AI innovations that accelerate customer value. “We’re embracing Joule and Joule’s Ĵý Consulting capabilities to help our clients build the organizational agility needed to continuously transform with a generative AI-enabled digital core,” shared Lan Guan, chief AI officer at Accenture.

This capability will be available later this year.

Screenshot of Joule's Ĵý Consulting capabilities
In the future, save implementation time with Joule’s Ĵý Consulting capabilities

Human Resources

Transforming HR with AI creates dynamic, inclusive, and future-ready workplaces. With Joule integrated into the Ĵý SuccessFactors Recruiting solution, hiring managers can create compelling, bias-free job descriptions 90% faster, significantly enhancing hiring efficiency and outcomes.

We have also expanded Joule capabilities across the Ĵý SuccessFactors HCM suite to enhance the employee experience. Employees will soon be able to get instant answers to HR policy questions and complete HR processes using natural language. Joule’s advanced document grounding capabilities will enable comprehensive responses by accessing business documents in Ĵý and third-party repositories such as Microsoft SharePoint.

Screenshot of Joule answering HR policy questions
Instant answers to HR policy questions with Joule

A new generative AI writing assistant capability helps employees draft personalized and measurable performance goals, development plans, and feedback reports more effectively and consistently. This saves employees up to 30% of the time spent crafting written communications and reduces the time people managers spend defining individualized development goals by 60%.

Managers also benefit from AI-assisted person insights that summarize complex compensation data, make recommendations, and provide talking points for discussions with employees — saving time and improving retention rates. Similarly, recruitment becomes more productive with the new AI-assisted applicant screening capability, which helps identify the most promising candidates by matching skills extracted from resumes with those in job descriptions.

Screenshot of AI feedback in Ĵý SuccessFactors HCM
Provide actionable feedback to employees quickly in Ĵý SuccessFactors HCM

These AI-driven enhancements empower organizations to build a connected, data-driven, and employee-centric workforce, leading the way in HR innovation and efficiency.


With Ĵý Business AI, we’re enhancing performance across a range of financial activities, from payments and expense management to financial close, invoice management, auditing, and forecasting.

For example, financial collection departments are leveraging generative AI in Ĵý Enterprise Service Management to automate processes, analyze and summarize correspondence, prioritize urgent issues, and generate automated replies. These capabilities reduce costs by up to 70% and accelerate service requests by up to 30%, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Screenshot of how AI can accelerate service request resolution in Ĵý Enterprise Service Management
Accelerate service request resolution with Ĵý Enterprise Service Management

Billing specialists are now using Joule integrated into Ĵý Advanced Financial Closing to unlock unstructured content from inbound customer correspondence, improving the accuracy of risk determinations. Joule also generates summaries of project profitability, prioritizes projects for further analysis, and proposes actions for project improvement. Additionally, Ĵý Fiori apps now feature Joule-enabled insights, allowing the copilot to summarize available data and produce visual data narratives.

Screenshot of Joule summarizing data in Ĵý Fiori apps
Joule in Ĵý Fiori applications summarize available data (available later this year)

Later this year, new generative AI capabilities in Ĵý Advanced Financial Closing will automate error detections and root cause analysis, helping users quickly resolve common closing errors. With up to two hours saved per error remediation, customers will be able to accelerate closing times while lowering support and compliance costs. Financial controllers will be able to also take advantage of personalized video data stories, highlighting top projects based on key metrics such as recognized revenue, utilization rates, and margins. Collections specialists using Ĵý Billing and Revenue Innovation Management will be able to mitigate risk of late customer payments by analyzing customer behavior and business correspondence to predict the likelihood of delayed payments.

Screenshot of Ĵý Advanced Financial Closing
Ĵý Advanced Financial Closing will help to quickly resolve common closing errors (available later this year)

Integrating AI into finance helps businesses streamline processes, reduce costs, and drive meaningful business outcomes.

Supply Chain

Ĵý Business AI is empowering companies to create risk-resilient and sustainable supply chains. By leveraging AI, customers can increase supply chain agility and efficiency.

For instance, generative AI-powered capabilities in Ĵý Transportation Management will expedite freight verification and documentation, enabling companies to achieve up to 50% faster inbound delivery note processing and reduce truck idle time at the gate by 40%. The system will automatically extract, post, and check critical information from delivery notes, streamlining the validation of freight orders.

Joule will play a crucial role in enhancing supply chain management. Later this year, supply chain planners will benefit from integration with Ĵý Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain by getting detailed analyses of planning runs. Joule will identify the root causes of order delays and suggest corrective measures. Logistics providers will be able to use Joule to expedite transportation planning and the intake of goods in Ĵý S/4HANA Supply Chain for transportation management, enhancing overall logistics efficiency.

Screenshot of Joule gathering product ideas and similarities
Joule gathers new product ideas and searches for product similarities

For manufacturers, Ĵý Business AI will significantly improve quality management. Ĵý Quality Issue Resolution will allow users to address recurring issues faster by using AI to bundle similar quality incidents and identify effective problem-solving processes. Furthermore, AI in Ĵý Asset Performance Management will aid technicians, inspectors, and managers in visually inspecting asset conditions. Images collected from visual inspections will be able to be easily annotated, displayed, and compiled into inspection alerts, facilitating timely and accurate maintenance decisions.

These advancements will make supply chain management more agile, efficient, and sustainable for customers.


With Ĵý Business AI, we’re transforming procurement into a proactive, data-informed, and agile operation.

For example, AI in Ĵý Ariba Category Management allows procurement organizations to reduce the onboarding time for new category managers and accelerate category strategy and planning development by as much as 56%, improving operating margins and outcomes. 

External Workforce
We have added new generative AI capabilities to the Ĵý Fieldglass portfolio, enabling procurement departments to streamline the recruitment of external workers. Hiring managers can generate and maintain effective job descriptions faster, while project managers can deliver detailed statements of work more rapidly. This enables businesses to quickly identify and engage contractors with the right skills and qualifications. Job descriptions can be easily translated into 21 different languages, and a new resume-ranking capability can surface the most promising candidates, leading to as much as a 15% reduction in work orders. This flexibility allows customers to quickly react to fluctuating workloads and rapidly fill expertise gaps.

Screenshot of example of AI use case in Ĵý Fieldglass
Develop comprehensive job descriptions quickly in Ĵý Fieldglass

Buyer Journey
A new generative AI feature in the buying 360 capability for Ĵý S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition will make procurement more intelligent, allowing buyers to bundle products and services into a single transaction. Users will be able to describe their purchasing needs using natural language, and the system will generate a recommended bundle of products and services ready for purchasing. This will save users considerable time spent searching catalogs for individual items while also enhancing the efficiency of the procurement process. These capabilities are planned for later this year.

By the end of the year, sourcing managers will be able to leverage intelligent product and supplier recommendations to create requests for proposals much faster with Joule integration in Ĵý Ariba Sourcing . These recommendations will consider cost-effectiveness, carbon footprint impact, local compliance regulations, and past transactions, optimizing spend management performance.

Screenshot of Joule use case in Ĵý Ariba Sourcing
Create RFPs faster with Joule in Ĵý Ariba Sourcing (available later this year)

Through these enhancements, Ĵý Business AI is making spend management more efficient, responsive, and cost-effective.

Sales, Services, Marketing, and Commerce

Ĵý Business AI is revolutionizing sales, services, marketing, and commerce operations, significantly improving productivity and customer engagement. For instance, the Ĵý CX AI Toolkit provides a comprehensive, configurable AI solution for e-commerce, marketing, sales, and service teams. These professionals can use it to streamline content creation tasks and analyze data from across the enterprise – with e-commerce teams experiencing productivity increases of 50%, larger average order values, and higher conversion rates.

Sales Productivity
New AI capabilities enhance the productivity of sales professionals using Ĵý Sales Cloud. Sales teams can benefit from predictive forecasting, which predicts the likelihood of closing deals across the entire business portfolio. This gives chief revenue officers more comprehensive revenue forecasting, enabling better strategic decisions.

In addition, predictive recommendations will enhance sales efforts by suggesting the best people to involve in a deal and the most suitable products for each customer. This will eliminate manual extensive research on customer needs and preferences, allowing sales teams to focus on selling. AI account summaries and lead boosters will automatically generate detailed reports about sales prospects, combining company details, industry context, and relevant news. As such, we can reduce the manual effort needed for information gathering, giving salespeople more time to close deals.

Screenshot of lead boosters in Ĵý Sales Cloud
Reduce lead information gathering efforts with lead boosters in Ĵý Sales Cloud

Digital and User Experiences
Today, a generative AI tool builder already enables system administrators to create customized AI tools for business users leveraging data from Ĵý Commerce Cloud, Ĵý Sales Cloud, and Ĵý Service Cloud solutions. These tools can help personalize content to meet specific customer experience needs.

By the end of this year, Ĵý CX AI Toolkit will also introduce new AI features to enhance customer interactions. An AI shopping assistant will allow shoppers to ask questions using everyday conversational language and receive accurate product information and personalized product recommendations on sites powered by Ĵý Commerce Cloud. This will enable consumers to find products faster and improve their overall shopping experience.

Screenshot of AI tool builder in Ĵý CX AI Toolkit
Build custom tools for specific use cases with the AI tool builder in Ĵý CX AI Toolkit

Ĵý CX AI Toolkit will make marketing and sales teams more productive. Later this year, a new image creation feature will allow business users to generate new product images for their Ĵý Commerce Cloud catalog using natural language prompts, significantly reducing image production times. They will also benefit from an AI expert recommendations feature, which will identify experts within their organization who can provide needed answers and insights. Instead of wasting time browsing through emails and organizational charts, these professionals will be able to use natural language to express their needs and instantly find the right experts. This capability will be generally available later this year.

Screenshot of generating product images in Ĵý CX AI Toolkit
Generate new product images using natural language in Ĵý CX AI Toolkit (available later this year)

These advancements in Ĵý Business AI are transforming sales, services, marketing, and commerce operations, making them more efficient, personalized, and successful.

IT and Platform

Ĵý Business AI embedded in Ĵý BTP empowers IT professionals and business experts to extend Ĵý solutions and drive faster, better decision-making throughout the enterprise while accelerating customers’ digital transformations.

For example, professional developers are leveraging generative AI capabilities in Ĵý Build Code to accelerate application development by 30%. They can generate data models, services, and samples with a few simple prompts and use natural language to automate business logic and testing.

Application Development
Joule continues to increase developer productivity and simplify the extension of Ĵý applications. Integration with ABAP Cloud will revolutionize the work of the 5 million-strong ABAP developer community, accelerating the development of extensions that interact with Ĵý S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition, Ĵý S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition, and Ĵý BTP, ABAP environment. Trained on over 250 million lines of ABAP code, Joule will be able to outperform industry-leading general-purpose code assistants. We expect more than 10% efficiency increase, based on initial studies and benchmarking. Early adopters are using this innovation to generate ABAP business objects and will soon be able to complete and explain code and create unit tests. The first capabilities will become available later this year.

Joule continues to strengthen Ĵý Build Code capabilities by enabling developers to use generative AI to quickly build Ĵý Fiori front ends for Ĵý S/4HANA Cloud, greatly simplifying clean-core extensions.

These advancements in Ĵý Business AI are empowering IT professionals and business experts to innovate faster, streamline operations, and drive meaningful business outcomes.

Screenshot of ABAP Developer capabilities helping to create ABAP Cloud apps
Accelerate the creation of ABAP Cloud apps with Joule’s ABAP Developer capabilities (Labs preview; available later this year)

Process Innovation
We are continuously strengthening Ĵý BTP with new AI capabilities that accelerate process innovation. Joule integration with Ĵý Build Process Automation empowers process experts to generate automation and workflows using natural language requests without IT intervention. Similarly, Joule integration with the Ĵý Signavio portfolio enables users to leverage natural language requests to generate process models. By empowering users with varying levels of expertise to innovate, customers can accelerate time-to-value and free IT professionals to focus on more strategic tasks.

Process AI solutions from Ĵý Signavio introduce a new collection of generative AI capabilities trained on a large language model (LLM) comprised of expert business process knowledge and more than 5,000 Ĵý best practices. Later this year, the process recommender feature will provide ready-to-use, AI-generated business process model recommendations and suggest the most influential measures to assess the performance of a business process. This will offer vital insights into streamlining operations and reducing overhead. A prompt-based process mining feature will automatically generate business-relevant charts and metrics in response to natural language requests for business insights, dramatically lowering the effort for business users who need answers to complex business questions.

Screenshot of processes recommender feature in Ĵý Signavio
The process recommender feature in Ĵý Signavio offers insights to streamline operations (available later this year)

System integration is foundational to the success of enterprise automation initiatives and effective ecosystem collaboration, but connecting heterogeneous systems inside and outside the enterprise is an onerous task. Later this year, developers will be able to take advantage of Joule integration with Ĵý Integration Suite and use natural language to accelerate the design of integration flows across Ĵý and third-party applications.

A new AI-powered anomaly detection capability will recommend remedial actions when API usage patterns or performance fall outside desired thresholds due to unusual errors, traffic surges, suspicious API access, or unusual latency. With performance insights and support for identifying causes and effects, administrators of complex technology landscapes will be able to act faster, achieving greater operational efficiency at a lower total cost of ownership.

Screenshot of Joule in Ĵý Integration Suite
Accelerate the design of integration flows with the Joule integration with Ĵý Integration Suite

Content Creation and Compliance
IT administrators, training managers, and content developers will be able to cut the time spent writing content by up to 20% with automatic content generation and enrichment in Ĵý Enable Now. Customers use the digital adoption platform to improve the adoption, productivity, and efficiency of their software by providing in-application help and e-learning content to users. New generative AI capabilities will add to this value, enabling companies to free up resources for more critical tasks and accelerating knowledge transfer within organizations.

Screenshot of AI use case in Ĵý Enable Now
Ĵý Enable Now improves the adoption, productivity, and efficiency of software

Compliance and IT professionals can leverage Joule for enhanced productivity and precision. Joule integration with the new regulatory change manager tool on Ĵý BTP enables these professionals to evaluate numerous regulatory updates within the context of their business and Ĵý solutions. With insights and quick answers on the typically more than 1,000 annual regulatory changes, users can save 70% of the time usually spent on understanding local and global regulations. The tool provides impact analysis across Ĵý products and solutions, helping customers maintain compliance and seamlessly manage their day-to-day operations. Compliance and IT professionals can also use AI in localization as a self-service for Ĵý S/4HANA Cloud to automate tasks such as payment format localization and form localization, reducing processes that once took days to just a few hours.

With Joule integrated in Ĵý BTP cockpit, administrators can automate tasks and onboard new users more easily. They can search for information 95% faster and execute transactional tasks or navigation 90% more quickly. The business impact is substantial, as the cockpit helps these professionals manage resources, services, and security, monitor application metrics, and perform actions on cloud applications.

Screenshot of Joule in Ĵý BTP cockpit
Accomplish tasks and onboard new users easily with Joule in Ĵý BTP cockpit

Redefining the capabilities of IT and platform management positions Ĵý customers at the forefront of technological advancement and operational excellence.


Ĵý is delivering trusted AI and machine learning across industries to manage complexity, overcome challenges, and help customers modernize. AI-driven solutions empower businesses to streamline operations and focus on strategic outcomes, driving significant value in their respective fields.

Oil, Gas, and Energy, Agribusiness, and Metals and Mining
Commodities traders and business operators will soon be able to eliminate repetitive data entry tasks with Ĵý S/4HANA for commodity management for physical contracts. With Joule, business operators will be able to create new commodities deals by simply describing the deal using conversational language. Planned for later this year, the capability will allow traders to focus more on producing better commercial outcomes for their clients rather than getting bogged down by administrative tasks.

Industrial Manufacturing
Sales engineers in the manufacturing sector will benefit from more precise product configuration recommendations for complex, configurable products through Ĵý Intelligent Product Recommendation. By simply describing requirements in natural language, sales engineers can generate tailored recommendations that better meet customer needs. Generative AI services can analyze text from diverse sources, such as emails and notes captured in Ĵý Customer Experience solutions or multi-page specification documents such as request for proposals or requests for quotations. Ĵý Intelligent Product Recommendation also provides suggestions based on estimated parameters for lead times and CO2 footprints, enhancing accuracy and efficiency of product configurations, and ultimately improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Screenshot of Ĵý Intelligent Product Recommendation
Quickly gather product configuration recommendations with Ĵý Intelligent Product Recommendation

Public Sector and Higher Education
Later this year, Joule will be enhanced with budget and grant management business context for the public sector, higher education, and research industries. With this new context awareness, Joule will streamline and improve the user experience for these regulated industries, enabling users to navigate their financial systems more efficiently and make better strategic decisions. For example, Ĵý S/4HANA users will be able to ask Joule for definitions, summaries, or how-to guidance, saving time and reducing the demand on IT departments. This enhancement will help government organizations and higher education institutions manage their budgets and grants more effectively, reducing extensive training typically required during financial system rollouts.

Breakthrough AI Innovations

Ĵý is pushing the boundaries of AI with the new Ĵý Foundation Model for structured data, investing in this cutting-edge AI technology to unlock the value of generative AI technology advancements for structured business data. The goal is to deliver a foundation model that is business-centric by design, providing actionable, job-specific insights directly within Ĵý applications customers use daily.

Traditional AI models require significant effort, expertise, and training data to handle specific tasks on structured data effectively. In contrast, we are developing Ĵý Foundation Model to adapt to multiple use cases with minimal or no fine-tuning. Ultimately, we aim to bring the same transformative power to structured business data that LLMs have brought to text. While LLMs like GPT-4 excel with unstructured text and images, they struggle with the structured data typical in enterprises, often performing between 20 to 50% worse than narrow AI methods. Ĵý Foundation Model will bridge this gap, focusing on structured business data to deliver more accurate predictions and insights while maintaining the versatility of foundation models.

Early benchmark tests are promising, showing Ĵý Foundation Model outperforming narrow AI models by up to 15% on customer datasets after a quick fine-tuning round. This superior performance, combined with its deep understanding of complex business processes, promises to enable businesses to reap the rewards of AI faster and more efficiently.

With Ĵý Foundation Model, we aim to set a new standard for AI in the business domain, transforming how enterprises leverage data to achieve remarkable outcomes. .

Responsible AI

At Ĵý, innovation goes hand in hand with responsibility. We are committed to ensuring that AI technologies are not only innovative but also ethical, secure, and sustainable. The strategic use of business data is integral to the success of AI, and by leveraging business data responsibly, we not only enhance the capabilities of AI solutions but also improve outcomes for customers.

Ĵý remains firm in its commitment to prioritize data privacy and security as it releases new AI capabilities. The same rigorous standards that govern all Ĵý product development extend to AI offerings. Strong security, product, and data privacy protocols are applied to help ensure AI solutions are developed responsibly, with all AI use cases reviewed by an AI ethics committee.

Building on the fundamental dedication to responsible AI that we started back in 2018, this year, Ĵý is proud to further the commitment by affirming the 10 guiding principles of the UNESCO Recommendation on the . These principles cover proportionality, safety, fairness, sustainability, privacy, human oversight, transparency, responsibility, awareness, and multi-stakeholder collaboration, ensuring that AI solutions respect human rights and contribute to sustainable development.

In line with this commitment, sustainability is a key pillar of Ĵý’s corporate strategy. We are determined to harness the benefits of AI while minimizing its energy footprint and helping customers manage theirs. For example, a new AI-enabled capability in Ĵý Sustainability Footprint Management enhances the accuracy and speed of carbon footprint calculations through automated, intelligent emission factor mapping recommendations, reducing manual effort and improving precision.

Screenshot of carbon footprint calculations in Ĵý Sustainability Footprint Management
Accurately speed up carbon footprint calculations with Ĵý Sustainability Footprint Management

By integrating responsible AI practices into innovations, we continue to drive meaningful and sustainable business outcomes for customers.

New AI Partnerships

The vast Ĵý partner ecosystem is fully engaged with Ĵý Business AI. Leading up to and at Ĵý Sapphire, we have announced groundbreaking new and expanded partnerships to accelerate AI adoption across business processes:

  • Accenture: Accenture and Ĵý are helping clients transform business models, processes, and customer and employee experiences while realizing value through data and AI. This year at Ĵý Sapphire, Accenture is announcing its plans to embrace the consulting capability for Joule and ABAP code generation in compressed cloud ERP transformations. Additionally, Accenture and Ĵý are teaming on Ĵý Signavio and Ĵý LeanIX solutions to help customers with insights, governance, and other capabilities to achieve their transformation outcomes.
  • Apple:We are deepening  our partnership with Apple to revolutionize the boardroom with AI and spatial computing. By integrating Apple Vision Pro with business applications from Ĵý, users can create an infinite enterprise workspace, and navigate tasks using their eyes, hands, and voice. Ĵý has launched apps like Ĵý Mobile Start and Ĵý Analytics Cloud, giving users the ability to create a spatial boardroom to visualize their entire enterprise. Now, with Ĵý Build Code, customers can easily bring their Ĵý apps to Vision Pro, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Ĵý is also leveraging the power of Apple’s Neural Engine to run Ĵý AI workloads securely and privately on Apple devices, supercharged by Ĵý BTP.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): AWS and Ĵý announced an expanded, strategic collaboration to transform modern cloud ERP experiences and help enterprises drive new capabilities and efficiencies with generative AI. Together, Ĵý and AWS are striving to make it easier for customers to adopt RISE with Ĵý on AWS, to improve the performance and efficiency of Ĵý workloads running in the cloud, and to embed generative AI into an enterprise’s entire portfolio of business-critical applications.
  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG): BCG , which recommends opportunities to maximize transformation investments using Ĵý Signavio and Ĵý LeanIX solutions. The offering allows companies to navigate continuous change and prioritizes ways to onboard AI-based innovations.
  • Google Cloud: We have better predict and mitigate supply chain risk. The expanded partnership begins by enabling marketing and sales departments to understand the impact of their campaigns on product sales, thus increasing forecast accuracy. This is achieved by integrating Joule and Ĵý Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain with Google’s Gemini AI assistant and Google Cloud Cortex Framework’s Data Foundation. By capturing previously hard-to-detect demand signals, companies can react faster and make more informed, agile decisions in a dynamic global market.
  • Meta: We are expanding our partnership with Meta by integrating Meta’s Llama 2 and Llama 3 models into the generative AI hub within Ĵý AI Core as part of our business AI strategy. This integration will allow customers to create dashboards based on rich content with Llama’s qualitative conversational outputs and explore use cases built with Meta Llama 3. The wide range of capabilities offered by Meta Llama 3 will enable users to get assistance with key activities, including the auto-generation of custom scripts to extend dashboards, and the delivery of the most accurate scripts directly in Ĵý Analytics Cloud.
  • McKinsey & Company: McKinsey has . Value Finder rapidly analyzes and prioritizes thousands of potential process optimization opportunities for clients – using a proprietary McKinsey and Ĵý technology portfolio with generative AI – to capture measurable productivity, growth, and asset efficiency benefits enabled by Ĵý S/4HANA transformations.
  • Mistral AI: Ĵý will add new LLMs from Mistral AI, a global company headquartered in Paris specializing in generative AI, to its growing corpus of world-class AI models in generative AI hub. This addition to Ĵý AI Core will make it easier to build generative AI use cases for Ĵý applications.
  • NVIDIA: We are for next-generation business operations. ABAP developer capabilities and consulting capability in Joule will take advantage of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform, including NVIDIA NIM inference microservices. NVIDIA NeMo Retriever, a collection of generative AI microservices, will connect AI applications with proprietary data, improving the accuracy and relevance of AI responses. We are also integrating NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud APIs into Ĵý Intelligent Product Recommendation, enabling salespeople to visualize 3D products via digital twins in real time. This integration optimizes the sales process for complex products, helping customers make more informed decisions faster than ever.

To learn more about how Ĵý Business AI delivers real-world results, visit the .

Philipp Herzig is chief artificial intelligence officer of Ĵý.

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