At Ĵý MaxAttention Summit 2024, attendees received in-depth information about Ĵý Business AI, clean core with Ĵý Business Technology Platform (Ĵý BTP), updates on enterprise architecture, and more.

Ĵý MaxAttention: Premium-level engagement and personalized service

The event was held April 23-25 in Heidelberg, Germany, and customers on-site experienced insightful keynotes and sessions from Ĵý Executive Board Members Thomas Saueressig and Muhammad Alam, as well as Ĵý Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer Philipp Herzig and other experts.

presented important updates on topics that also included Business Transformation as a Service, RISE with Ĵý, and Ĵý BTP. Attendees also benefited from interactive “eXpert eXchange” sessions and opportunities to network and share their experiences and best practices.

The Ĵý MaxAttention program offers premium-level engagement and personalized service for customers to move business-wide transformational change from boardroom plans to business reality with a tailored, premium experience. Program participants get premium access to trusted Ĵý experts, tools, and methodologies that can help deliver expected outcomes successfully with Ĵý solutions.


Watch the replays to see more:

Thomas Saueressig’s Keynote

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Innovate to Deliver: The Journey to Business Transformation with Ĵý
Thomas Saueressig:

Muhammad Alam’s Keynote

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Thriving Through Uncertainty with Ĵý’s End-to-End Portfolio Strategy
Muhammad Alam:

Philipp Herzig’s Executive Session

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The Future is now - Embrace it with Ĵý Business AI
Philipp Herzig:
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