The era of the hard sell is over – companies are now focused on creating sales and service experiences that naturally attract customers and solidify their loyalty. But this winning approach requires much more than the traditional seller-buyer transaction of engagement, trust, personalization, and mutual benefit.

B2B and B2C customers are demanding virtual sales interactions and smooth, consultative customer service experiences, according to a report from . Yet, 51% of businesses still struggle to provide the right data, processes, and capabilities that allow sales and service teams to deliver moments that create lasting connections.

Now, with greater ease, Ĵý customers can access the content, guided expertise, resources, and planning methods essential to building a cloud-based technology foundation for this new era of sales and services. And all of this is possible through the plan for Ĵý Sales Cloud and Ĵý Service Cloud, expanded edition.

Maximizing Value with Focused, Proactive Guidance

Offering a combination of omnichannel sales and value-added customer service is, by no means, a simple feat that can be achieved overnight. Making this transformation requires mutual understanding and close collaboration between sales and service teams, accessing data-driven insights on customer needs and expectations and delivering value at every touch point with effective technologies.

The expanded edition of Ĵý Preferred Success for Ĵý Sales Cloud and Ĵý Service Cloud can deliver that advantage with exceptional support from knowledgeable Ĵý experts throughout the lifetime of a cloud solution investment. Without processing another statement of work, Ĵý customers can move from planning and implementation to go-live and active operation with such speed and effectiveness that they can transform their customer experience faster and more efficiently.

Fast track the value of your cloud investment with Ĵý Preferred Success

For example, reviews and related analysis help maintain peace of mind throughout the deployment of a cloud solution, keeping organizations on the right path toward achieving their goals. This can include quality checks to help ensure integration integrity, in-depth release guidance for future feature adoption, targeted training programs on the latest topics and best practices, and service-level agreements for enhanced support.

But what makes the expanded edition of Ĵý Preferred Success for Ĵý Sales Cloud and Ĵý Service Cloud truly distinctive is the long-term, enhanced partnership it can provide to help advance and accelerate the cloud journey. Throughout the subscription lifecycle, organizations are continuously supported by experts and specialized services designed to meet their unique needs.

Access to Product Specialists

Appointed based on their technical and product-based expertise, product specialists leverage their knowledge and insights to help accelerate business outcomes and maximize the consumption of Ĵý solutions. They achieve this by recommending and overseeing the delivery and scheduling of crucial services, providing direct access to experts for targeted advice on solutions, and advising on Ĵý best practices.

This experience can allow sales and services organizations and their stakeholders to enhance the ROI of their overall investment in cloud solutions from Ĵý by:

  • Acquiring functional and technical knowledge when needed
  • Receiving answers to queries related to standard integration with other Ĵý solutions
  • Addressing critical implementation difficulties quickly and resolutely

Solution Reviews

During prescriptive solution reviews, Ĵý experts work closely with customers to analyze their usage patterns and advise on process improvements and transformation journeys that align with their success plans and business goals. Specifically, they focus on aligning usage with best practices, measuring the impact of changes on business operations, and identifying areas for improvement.

Customers can also benefit from collaborating with subject-matter experts during these reviews, receiving recommendations and advice on changes that can help mitigate or resolve business challenges, improve the customer journey, and reduce bottlenecks proactively. This service can offer stakeholders valuable insights into simplifying and optimizing operations, reducing administrative work, boosting process efficiency, and enhancing transparency for user adoption and cloud landscape stability.

New Feature Activation

Ĵý customers can also receive assistance in identifying, evaluating, activating, and maximizing the impact of the latest features to support their business operations better. Subject-matter experts help provide an enhanced adoption experience by aligning business goals with value and product capabilities, creating a tailored adoption plan, and providing guidance and enablement to activate features.

The new feature activation service can also assess and enable the impact of new configurations and simple customizations added to Ĵý Sales Cloud and Ĵý Service Cloud. By matching business needs to updates that offer better value, Ĵý experts can evaluate the potential benefits and risks of the new additions, pinpointing system changes needed to activate and test the update to measure business outcomes.

Reaching Mission-Critical Goals with Extra Impact

The right technology partner can make all the difference – especially as expectations for sales and customer service experiences continue to evolve. Providing access to expert guidance, resources, and support when and where needed helps ensure businesses drive customer loyalty and success.

The expanded edition of Ĵý Preferred Success for Ĵý Sales Cloud and Ĵý Service Cloud can deliver on that promise with a transformative approach to sales and customer service. This significant step towards creating personalized, value-driven experiences can help sales and services teams not only meet but exceed customer expectations, turning transactions into lasting connections.

Ready to amplify the impact of your sales and customer service experiences? or contact your local Ĵý representative to learn more about Ĵý Preferred Success for Ĵý Sales Cloud and Ĵý Service Cloud, expanded edition.

Amitesh Tiwari is a solution manager for the Chief Innovation Office of Cloud Success Services at Ĵý.

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